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I’m so glad you’re here.

With support and guidance, you can bring a deep and grounded reunion with your Essential Self into your daily lifeI have been a partner on this journey countless times and want that experience for you.






Exploring Your Layers


Your protective layers serve a purpose. They aren’t random, arbitrary, valueless and don’t need to be abandoned. It’s just the opposite. Right now, they are calling you to the place in your life that needs attention.


These layers are developed through repeated patterns and habits that can become disruptive and destructive, leading to anger, chaos, illness and scarcity. The patterns can stem from experiences of fear, shame or simply not knowing what other options are available to you. Eventually, they cover up what you are deeply feeling and needing to know about yourself. When what matters most to you has long been hidden, it’s easy to forget what it was that required you to hide it in the first place.


These layers represent the experiences we tend to ignore. Healing and letting go of them may leave you feeling temporarily unsettled, alone and confused. Somewhat like being without a familiar compass that has guided you for a long time. Learning to listen for and be guided by your unique emotional language will provide the keys to your powerful Essential Self – that self that has been with you all along.


Working together, we will gently unlock your ability to express yourself clearly – to be heard. You will develop tools for learning to recognize your true needs and desires and how to speak up for them, for you.


You will be more present to living a life that is full and joyous, a life that offers more of ‘you’ to those who matter most. They will thank you.


And most importantly, you will thank yourself.


About our time together


Our sessions will be filled with the flow and grace of patience, a quality that is often missing, yet necessary for an unfolding process to occur.


I believe every step of this uncovering is valuable and can offer you a sense of relief, hope and growth no matter where you are in your process.


I am clear about the space that I am holding for you – I am filled with questions to
help you find your answers.


I love being in the deep conversations about what matters most to you. Our work is an intuitive and creative process, both curious and interactive that allows you to gather an understanding and a knowing of what your steps need to be to support your next experience of expansion.


Together, we will create your unique plan to take action outside of our sessions, supporting you to apply your new insights and to celebrate your emotional and healing successes.


Choose the path that is right for you. If you are undecided, contact me to discuss the most beneficial counseling session. 


There are many paths for reconnecting to your Essential Self. We will focus on the path that is calling you most.


• My foundational experience is that of a licensed psychotherapist. I have had the privilege of helping clients over the last 30 years find their truest self. To find their way home.


• Celebrate Your Body was created to help clients access a positive experience of their body and put an end to chronic dieting. As a woman of size I bring an understanding and sensitivity to these sessions from living in a body that is larger than average.

• Financial Health is about more than just your bank account. You will learn how to make thoughtful choices about your money, a powerful resource. This will allow you to experience a new relationship with your money, bringing you more joy & security.



Your inner compass will direct you to choose the path that is just right in this moment, whether it’s your Mind, Body, or Money.

Life experiences that inform me

My understanding of how we grow and change is also informed by tools, 
experiences and concepts that have moved me: the creative process; intuitive painting; recovery  process; intuitive movement; mindfulness and meditation practices; entrepreneurism; the Enneagram; relational interactions; power of developing intimacy skills; accessing courage; origins of our stories and how the past influences the present; being at choice; resilience; and noticing the smallest of personal victories on a daily basis.


I have been involved in growing the Health At Every Size community for over 20 years. This experience has been crucial in supporting me to embrace the HAES principles in all areas of my life. I have a deep knowing that this philosophy is vital to healing body hatred.


My interest in Financial Health counseling grew out of a natural path of understanding that how we feed ourselves mirrors our relationship with money. Just as I grew to learn the importance of nourishing myself with food from an intuitive and mindful place, I needed to wake up to the value of money as a nourishing resource and break the destructive habits of unconscious spending.


I am multi-cultural, bi-lingual, an explorer, a very curious person, I ask questions, I want to know, I care. I am observant, kind and collaborative, because your life and how you feel living it, matters to me.


I find joy in traveling, exquisite food, deep conversations, art, being in a supportive and loving marriage, loving our dog, making and creating home wherever I am.


Contact me so we can begin to create a safe and supportive space for you to gently reveal yourself, access your deepest joy in all areas of your life: your mind, body and money.

Office in the San Francisco Bay area. Call 1.415.457.3468.

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