There are experiences in life that deserve to be seen, respected and held, they can’t be ignored.


To heal these painful experiences, it isn’t necessary to give over your life to them.

There’s a better way.


It begins with witnessing your life story, your experiences and your feelings. This is incredibly valuable and a primary key to your healing.


What heals and helps you make your desired changes isn’t always evident at first – it’s a creative process. 


Together, we dive deep and reveal what holds you up. You’ll become clear about your psychological and emotional obstacles. You’ll shine the light of awareness on the questions that need to be addressed to make movement and healing possible: 


  • How do you know that you are even going in the right direction?


  • How do you access your inner strength?


  • What do you love?


  • How do you recognize your answers?


We need these questions to wake up to our true nature. 

Yet, they can only be answered when you have a deeper understanding of who you truly are. What makes you feel alive and gives you the sense of knowing that things are right with your world – with you!

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition.

What you’ll discover will be wonderful.  What you’ll discover will be yourself.”

Alan Alda


While we do the sorting, digging and grief work, you will also reclaim what is yours. 


What is uniquely you. Your strengths. Your talents. Your soul song. What you love.  What inspires you. What brings you joy. What allows you to feel purposeful.


This is where the unlocking begins, where the light begins to shine through. 


We don’t stay lost in your darkness – we peek into it and look at what is calling to be heard – to be seen. One call at a time or as many as you are ready for. We work at your rhythm. Our work will support you to recognize your pace.


I invite you to step in and discover what is missing in your life, acknowledge what is working and, what is still calling you

“You open a door to a dark room and you think you know what’s there, where everything is arranged, but you really don’t know until you step inside.”  Bob Dylan


Getting curious about who you really are – what you desire – finding your next path. This is where we meet your Essential Self, the place in you that will help you unlock all you need to know to access your healing and clarity.


Together we will find the obstacles that have been blocking your path to contentment and success, reveal the steps to break through and create a new perspective that supports you.


You’ll have the ability to live a life that no longer includes regrets. To claim a life you feel is worth living, because it’s truly yours.


Your Essential Self knows that joy can be a choice. Will you claim it?

Areas we can explore: 

life transitions


finding love

body image

intuitive eating

financial health

career path


creative process



vibrant aging


Individual sessions: by phone

Let’s begin…

If this feels like what you have been looking for in therapy, please contact me to learn more. We’ll set up a free phone consultation to explore if I am a good match for where you are in your life and whether taking the next step of setting up an appointment is the right choice for you!

Office in the San Francisco Bay area. Call 1.415.457.3468.

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