Art & Gifts that Celebrate You.

Come into a space of abundance, beauty and inspiration and receive messages of healing and hope, and the possibility of experiencing yourself in a new way.



I created VoluptuArt to provide a collection of body positive art. Images that inspire feelings and emotions leading you to a more positive experience of yourself and provide a beautiful way for you to give that gift to others.


The path into this vocation of my heart started with healing my negative body image. I surrounded myself with artwork of positive images of the female body and found this process to be powerful – I was shifting my negative view of what I saw in the mirror as I took in positive modeling of larger bodies as beautiful and sensual. It was a new, supportive and self-respecting view of me, even beyond my body size and shape. I eventually integrated the use of body positive art and poetry as tools for healing into my Transforming Negative Body Image workshops and groups.



I reazlied I could combine my creative expression as an entrepreneur with my love of art into launching VoluptuArt.com. Since launching, we have expanded our focus to include all types of art and gift items that encourage healing the whole of who you are in addition to the way you view your body. Along with this focus an essential aspect of our mission is to support independent women artists and Fair Trade artisans

Please come in, take a look around and consider what is calling you.

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