It’s time to love your financial life!


Have you ever felt a sense of joy, relief, lightness, and even excitement about your financial life?  This is not an easy ‘yes’ for many of us.


You can say yes if you are willing to wake up to the value of your money and embrace the power of choice. Having choice around your financial decisions means no longer feeling vague or trapped about money, or having shame around the disappointments and regrets you often experience.


In fact, you can completely eliminate deprivation from your experience with money and learn to build a life that is replenishing, a life that fills you up around money.


How would it be if you had financial clarity, and felt in integrity with yourself and your relationship with money? 


Is this something you can imagine for yourself? Or do limiting beliefs immediately step in based on your past experiences? Do you feel you have no choice when it comes to your finances?  Financial Health provides a path for understanding your motivations more deeply. It’s not just about tracking your numbers. It is a compassionate and layered process that ultimately provides you with a deeper understanding about all areas of your life.

“We all need a sacred witness in life, a person who can listen without judgement while knowing the right questions to ask that continually illuminate our path.”

Caroline Myss

It begins with identifying your personal Money Story.


This is not just for people who are struggling with debt.


Financial Health Counseling is also helpful if:

• you earn but don’t save

• you struggle with knowing what you need, when to spend and when to save

• you haven’t planned for retirement

• you are an under-earner and need to get clear about what holds you back from earning more

• you are recovering from an eating disorder and need to heal around money

• you are a chronic debtor

• you are a solopreneur

• you have inherited wealth

• you are in a life transition and your financial needs have changed

• you wish to create and build wealth

• you want to be a homeowner


There are many reasons for learning to use your money as a resource and understanding its power.  The process of interacting with your financial numbers on a daily basis also serves as a spiritual practice. There can be a sacredness in honoring the energy of your money. You can develop a thriving financial consciousness that makes it easier for you to be at choice each day – and with each purchase decision.


Take the first step in understanding your Money Story and contact me.


From the very start, our work together has the potential for bringing you hope, a sense of self-respect and a calmness in your body and mind. We will reduce your anxiety and fears about your future. 


You can learn to joyfully live within your means and that includes creating savings! Doing this work gives you the map for developing a sustainable and flexible system for managing your financial life.


This is an investment that creates change.


This is not about: Tightening the purse strings. Restricting spending. Withholding. Punishing yourself. Shame. Judgment.


Our work is not about a budget, which can feel like a diet.  Instead, it is a supportive process of creating, tracking, adjusting and enhancing your financial health. 

You will feel in charge, competent, confident and powerful. It is your money, your plan and you get to be on top of it. It’s not about someone else telling you how to spend your money.  The numbers will tell the story of where you are right now and together we’ll explore how you want that story to change.

It’s time to tell your money story, and stop letting your story tell you.

How we can work together:

Individuals: in-person/phone & online

Business Owners: in-person/phone & online

International Clients (outside of the USA): phone & online

Contact me here to learn more and to set up a free consultation.

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