Receive the Gift of Your Body


The relationship with your body is the foundation of your life.

Not a reflection or a concept that lives ‘out there’, but the very core of your daily experience.

What if you could…


Readily access the deep wisdom within that would inspire you to actually Celebrate Your Body


Heal your view of your body by looking through a new lens to see all that is wonderful about you. 


Live and love in a way that no longer includes regrets because of body hate or dissatisfaction. 


If this seems challenging because somewhere along the line you became disconnected from fully inhabiting your body, you are not alone.


It’s easy to become isolated from our ability to hear what our body needs because we live in a culture that shamelessly promotes dieting.  This often leads to body hatred, a mind-set that disconnects you from your body’s wisdom to intuit what it needs to be healthy and content. Dieting trains you to get further away from knowing how to best care for your body.


When you are disconnected from your body, you lose access to your inner wisdom, your Essential Self. You can find yourself in a painful loop, chasing an elusive goal or dream, making it impossible to live your life in the present moment experiencing the peace and joy you desire.


It’s time to stop giving your precious time and energy to someone else’s fantasy of how you should look.


There is a deep knowing available to you that will free you to value yourself first and establish your foundation. From there you can move joyfully into trusting your body, your intuitive knowing about food, and begin living in the body that you have right here, right now. With pleasure. 

“This is your body, Your greatest gift, Pregnant with wisdom you do not hear, Grief you thought was forgotten, And joy you have never known.”

Marion Woodman


Create a Better Way of Life in Your Body


In our work together we explore the wisdom found in the Health At Every Size® Principles.  Applying the HAES® principles leads to courage that supports all areas of your life. You will develop a confidence in your ability to listen to your body and make the best choices for the gift that is your unique body. 


The 5 HAES Principles give you access to:

  • Accepting all bodies, remembering to include your body! All bodies are valuable. Everyone deserves respect.

  • Cultivating health and well-being by attending to all areas of your life: physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, social and professional.

  • Learning how to access respectful and effective healthcare services.

  • Learning to trust your body’s wisdom to guide you in feeding your unique body.

  • Learning how your body wants to feel energized, joyful, and whole through movement.

    These are tools to live a life of health and body peace that is defined by you and no one else! That means creating sustainable change that you can count on.


Practicing the HAES Principles offers deep wisdom and a process that will lead you back home – to knowing yourself in the deepest and most powerful of ways.

Health At Every Size and HAES are registered trademarks of the Association for Size Diversity and Health and used with permission.

This is a process that meets you where you are. Dignity can live in all body sizes and stages of life. 


So ask yourself now: Are you out of touch with your body’s wisdom and disconnected from what truly makes you feel good? Are you blocked and confused about how to feed and nourish yourself? Are you done with harmful dieting and false ideals and ready to embrace the inner guidance that will show you your true value and worth? Do you long for a trusted witness and guide to keep you grounded and aware so you don’t fall back into destructive self-image patterns?


If any of this rings true, I invite you to contact me today. It would be my honor and joy to be that guide for you.


We’ll transform discomfort into feeling fully alive and aware of your value so you can live out the dreams your Essential Self is ready to show you. 

Now, not later, is the time to feel confident about your beauty, awaken your desires, and finally hear the truth from within that you have the right to live your life fully, to be loved and even admired.


Let’s Celebrate Your Body.

Let’s Celebrate You. 

I work with clients who want to: 

Stop dieting

Heal from chronic dieting

Learn about intuitive and mindful eating

Receive support and guidance for living a body-positive life

Reimagine and redefine their beauty

Connect with feeling desirable and the right to have love


Contact me to learn more and set up a free consultation to see if we are a fit. If you are struggling with an eating disorder, please contact me and we can talk over referral options. Sessions are in-person or by phone.

Office in the San Francisco Bay area. Call 1.415.457.3468.

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